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Users also note that it’s difficult to get help or support with Skype, which is surprising since it’s all under the Microsoft umbrella. Additional feedback regarding disadvantages includes the amount of bandwidth the platform takes up, connectivity issues, and Skype’s clunky, hard to use UX. It’s still one of the better tools out there, but due to the disadvantages, Skype still leaves a lot of users wanting.

Google has a whole suite of them, from Google Go to Google Gallery Go to YouTube Go. Even Tinder and Spotify have lite versions of their respective apps. Getting Gmail was easy, but getting Google Contacts and Calendar – which a LOT of users need – was almost impossible.

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There are also options for small and medium business teams ($15 to $20 a month per host) and large enterprises for $20 a month per host with a 50-host minimum. Up to 1,000 users can participate in a single Zoom video call, and 49 videos can appear on the screen at once. Microsoft’s Skype is a telecommunications app that works for video chats, calls and instant messaging.

  • That’s because all the file storage of Microsoft Teams is delivered by SharePoint & OneDrive.
  • Even though the best part of Skype, without a doubt, is the video calls, you can do much more from this official app.
  • The Skype Lite app offers regular updates based on the user SMS information using SMS insights.
  • Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, Microsoft will automatically assign the username to you while you are signing up.
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This is one app which can be used for both IM and video calls just like Skype and every other apps like Skype mentioned here. In fact, the quality of the calls are not at all adjusted and they only offer best to their customers and that too for absolutely free. Viber is one of the coolest apps like Skype for android as well as for iOS users right now.

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If you’re new to video chatting or are just looking for some tips on Skype Lite which app to choose, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we talk about everything you should consider before choosing a video chat app. We’ve also included some handy tips to give you the best experience possible. Lastly, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best video chat apps that you can use to speak to your friends and family face-to-face.

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